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Padi Kids Club first ever get together

padi kids club Apr 10, 2022

[ Ayu's story]

I’m so excited and nervous, overwhelmed and thrilled. I’ve had to ask for more support from my teacher friends as the last-minute enrolments have sky rocketed. There are now ten more students wanting to join Pad Kids Club. That makes 18 in total today, by the end of the week we will have 28 children altogether. Wow! Way beyond my expectations. Now its time to have fun!

The room is filled with colour, music and laughter. Children make animals with the playdough, thread beads to make necklaces, draw and colour on large pieces of paper or move excitedly from one play area to another. It’s exactly how I envisaged it to be.

Hi, I’m Ayu and welcome to Padi Kids Club.

I created this club so that children had a chance to develop their social skills and grow their confidence through creative hands on activities. Supporting their emotional growth is very important to me. Over my years as a teacher I have noticed that if a student is confident within themselves and has a good sense of their own identity, it assists and transfers into their learning experiences and general level of happiness. This is why Padi Kids Club is such an important program.

Amongst the squeals and laughter, we come together often to work on projects. This week we made Dream Catchers, flower crowns, carried out science experiments and learnt about the Balinese culture, as well as making some new friends.

 A percentage of the children have been invited to join free of charge or at a discounted rate. It is important to me that all children have an equal chance to attend the workshops.

This is also reflected in the separate
Padi Kids Club for Communities program
where my team visits local villages to run regular creative programs.

During this time, children have a chance to read books from the mobile book library, learn English, improve their Indonesian and learn a range of creative games and activities.

It is my hope that I am empowering these children to make strong decisions for a brighter and happier future.

If nothing else the children are having fun socialising and
using their creativity.
  It certainly sounds and looks like it is a success.

It makes me feel so happy and proud to have the support of my friends and community. Together we are making positive changes.

Padi Kids Club is held every second Saturday with a multicultural mix of children. Presently our community program also runs on alternate Saturdays. It focuses on giving local Balinese children a chance to experience the activities in their own village setting.
You can find more information at where you can register for events, make donations and even explore the exciting range of other Success and Wellbeing enterprise partners 

Thank you for your support. Come on, let’s play!
Ibu Ayu

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