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Super Sehat Success for students in Amed, Bali

super sehat Apr 03, 2022

[Reflections from Amed, by Pak Khan, 2nd April 2022]

Super, Super, Super Sehat” is chanted by the 140 students cramped into the small humid classroom at SDN 1 Kertha Mandala and SDN 2 Kertha Mandala, Amed, Bali, Indonesia. Their enthusiasm is infectious!
This excitement is even more so when Frank and the other puppets appear as the Super Sehat team deliver their Health and Hygiene lessons. The Big Bad Germ is a real surprise to the students.

We are visiting these schools to deliver donations and more importantly Nazava Water Filters and 270 drinking bottles to the students, as many isolated schools in Bali just do not have clean drinking water available during the school day.

As you could imagine, our arrival has been eagerly awaited and the reception from students and staff is electrifying; there is a buzz of excitement.
This particular visit has been made possible because of the incredible generosity of the Pelangi School community. We raised over $1000 in 48 hours. Pelangi School is a holistic international standard school nestled in the natural hills of south Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

The Super Sehat team is made up of several Pelangi School teachers.

We (the teachers) recognised - NO! -  we were ‘shocked’ to discover that many students were spending their entire school day not adequately rehydrating themselves. Something needed to be done about this! The answer was simple, provide water filters so that these students could have access to water throughout their day.

For this project we were able to donate eight Nazava water filters, 270 drink bottles, several sets of school uniforms, donations of clothes, face-masks and footwear.

These gifts have made an immediate impact, as the water filters were operational before we left the schools and the next day students and staff were using them. This is a great result when you consider that the learning performances of one classroom can be transformed for less than $50 by provided one water filter and enough drink bottles, giving students a chance to rehydrate, with hydration being integral to brain function and their ability to learn.

Upon conclusion of the Health and Hygiene presentation, we exit the classroom to gather outside in the courtyard under a crisp Bali blue sky, to sing the Super Sehat song one last time. The clothing and footwear donations are eagerly distributed and gratefully received. It is a super success as every student receives something to take home to their families.

Last, but certainly not least, the final tick of approval, upon our departure from the school we experience a hero’s send off. The village street is lined with students and parents yelling their affectionate goodbyes, and when we come upon the local mobile ice-cream seller, he salutes us with a smile and a raised cone to sing “Super, Super, Super Sehat”.

Mission accomplished!

We’ve taken the Super Sehat Health and Hygeine program and imbued it into this community with hopefully long-lasting benefits. We leave feeling like super stars but we understand that the real heroes are the people who generously donated items and money to make this project a super success.

The Super Sehat Health and Hygiene program is improving basic health and hygiene standards in isolated communities in Indonesia. Please visit or their Super Sehat Just Giving page to make your contribution. Your contribution really does make a difference.

Thank you for your support.

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